The Stenographer's Working Environment and Technology


There are several different working environments you'll find a court reporter performing their job.  A courtroom is one of many places a stenographer works but there are others including law and medical offices, homes of a witness or lawyer and even in a busy corporate office.

This section also includes different types of technologies a court reporter may utilize during their career.


Court reporters and stenographers can use software to do their jobs Court Reporting Software
Software provides editing, translating, and other support features for the court reporter.  Purchasing the software should be taken seriously, as some programs can be costly.
Traditional versus digital court reporting?  That's the question. Digital versus Traditional Court Reporting
One question frequently brought up is, what's more effective, digital reporting or traditional?  You will find in this article the uses of digital technology and the pros and cons of using these forms of advanced reporting.
The Court Reporting Industry Court Reporting Industry
This article discusses the industry outlook  for court reporters such as employment and technological advances in the field of stenograpy.
court room trial environment

Court Reporters in the Court Room
Official court reporters differ from freelance court reporters in that they generally work with one judge in one courtroom.

The working environment for a court reporter involves sitting in a court room.

Work Environment for the Court Reporter
In addition to official court reporters that we all know from TV court room dramas, there are freelance court reporters performing the same important duties in a variety of other environments.


new technology stenograph machine

Technology in Court Reporting
Recent technological advancements in court reporting have made it significantly easier to transcribe court proceedings.

some court reporting jobs can be done from home

Work at Home Court Reporter Jobs
Though most people think about court reporting as something that only happens in a courtroom, there are actually many jobs requiring court reporting skills outside of the courtroom.

Court reporting careers can provide job opportunities in a number of environments

Where to Work in Court Reporting
Though court reporting jobs involving hearing and deposition transcription are most prevalent in densely-populated areas, many jobs requiring court reporting skills are available to be done from remote locations.

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