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 More than likely, you are familiar with the term “webcast.”  In general, webcasting refers to broadcasting recorded or live video or audio via the Internet.  In the context of court reporting, however, it refers to the process of transcribing depositions, financial earnings reports, press conferences, product introductions, sales meetings, and training seminars and instantly transmitting them to everyone involved via a computer.  The Internet has truly revolutionized how business is done and has created an increasing demand for anyone with transcription skills.

A webcaster listens to what meeting attendees say into their telephones or microphones and transcribes what is said, so that the words appear on the participants’ computer screens as text.  This allows business groups and others to have effective meetings remotely.  Because people attending the meeting are not required to be face to face, they can in fact be in different parts of the world. The transcribed proceeding of the meeting can also be distributed to absent parties.

With today’s global economy, webcasting is an increasingly popular way of doing business, and those with stenography skills are in increasing demand.  The Internet has connected us all, with the business community leading the way to take advantage of that fact.  The Internet is a vast resource and is not only used to promote and sell products, but also to conduct meetings and conferences.

In lieu of a faceless phone call, the development of the Internet and webcasting has enabled businesses and corporations to engage in virtual face-to-face conferences with people all over the world.  Webcast reporters are an essential part of this revolution.  The types of software they use not only transcribe the attendees’ comments into English, but into other languages as well.  This is accomplished without the necessity for the attendees to obtain special hardware.  All that is required for them to participate is a computer with Internet access.  This being the case, there is a demand for skilled webcasters who can accurately type in excess of 200 words per minute.

Webcasting reporters are an essential part of today’s rapidly-changing, fast-paced global economy.  Businessmen want to be free from any sort of delay or distraction when they are making million-dollar decisions; webcasters make that situation much easier to achieve.  They offer businessmen an assurance that there are no discrepancies or misheard statements while providing a recorded account of any type of meeting.

Although webcasting may seem daunting, it is in fact a great way to practice your court reporting skills.  Corporations that participate in numerous webcast conferences and meetings will often have a webcaster on staff or retainer to cover unexpected important meetings.  Webcasting can also be very interesting work, with much of the subject matter addressed being highly confidential and unique.

If you are considering webcasting as a career, there are many schools for the variations of court reporting available in post secondary and career college environments.  Some of these training programs are even available for completion online, which would actually be a very good fit for someone considering a career as a webcaster.  Becoming certified greatly enhances employment opportunities.  Corporations and businesses seek out skilled webcasters to transcribe meetings and conferences.  While working for a corporation, you become a vital part of that company’s business machine making this just one of the many opportunities available to you after becoming a court reporter.

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