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Welcome to our new video page! We are currently planning to expand this page with our own, self-produced video content as well as some of the best videos highlighting court reporting and stenography careers on the Internet.


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Here's a great video from the Michigan Association of Professional Court Reporters that shows stenographers in a variety of job settings and explains their role in detail. This is a great video to watch for anyone who is interested in seeing court reporters in action. There are various different types of positions you can obtain with the proper training making stenography a versitile and exciting career.



Court Reporting & Captioning


This is a nationally televised video spot on Court Reporting & Captioning produced by the National Court Reporters Association that asks and answers the question "What does a court reporter do?" The narrator discusses the history of court reporting from the beginning of time to its current state. Written records of historical events were written and passed along generation to generation by scribes. Today's scribe - a court reporter - does the same important job just in a different setting. The video contains courtroom footage of actual court reporters working as well as providing commentary from an actual court reporter. The video also describes the job of a broadcast captioner and shows various real-time captioners at work.



Illinois Speed Typing Champion


One of the fastest typists in the land is Illinois typing champion Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag and this video produced by the Chicago Tribune shows you a small glimpse of the champ in action. Melanie averages nearly 245 words per minute with over 99% accuracy.



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