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Our article library contains many afticles on the various types of stenography jobs and court reporter career types. Our articles are written and edited by an actual court reporter with real world experience. Please browse our listing below to learn more about getting a career in stenography.


Jobs in Stenography

Help the hearing impaired by entering the field of broadcast and/or closed captioning. Closed and or Broadcast Captioning
If you are interested in helping the hearing impaired, a closed captioning career may be right for you.  Work from home or become an in-house employee for a captioning company.
Training is key to landing a court reporter job Getting a Court Reporter Job
Landing a job in the field of stenography and reporting takes training and hard work.  Outlined in this article are the basic steps for finding a job in the court reporting industry.
What court reporting career are you interested in? Different Types of Court Reporters
There are several different careers available to someone interested in becoming a court reporter.  This article can help answer the question, which type of reporting  career may be right for you?
Voice writing is another form of stenography
Voice Writing
Another method of court reporting is voice writing.  A voice writer reporter utilizes a stenomask during a court proceeding or anywhere else a traditional court reporter might be used.
Freelance reporters make up the majority of the industry Freelance Court Reporters
Common perception is that court reporters only work in a courtroom environment.  In this article you will find that freelance reporters make up the majority of the industry and they work in many different settings.
Lawyers and Court Reporters Court Reporters and Lawyers
This article explains the relationship a lawyer and a court reporter have.  Attorneys use court reporters for a variety of different recording jobs.  Some law firms hire court reporters but read why they are not employees of law firms.
A deposition reporter is one of many steographer careers Deposition Reporter
One type of stenographer is the deposition court reporter.  This reporter has several duties including taking statements from witnesses before a trial and preparing transcripts after a deposition.
Hearing reporters are needed in the courtroom and government offices Hearing Reporters
Hearing reporters work for judges in courtrooms or any other place that may hold hearings.  Government agencies, public hearings or any other type of meeting where record of the proceedings may be required, a hearing reporter is needed.
Multilingual?  Consider a job as a court reporter Multilingual Court Reporting
The United States is indeed a melting pot so the demand is great for translators, even in the court room.  Multilingual court reporters can provide a much needed service in the court room and other working environments such as a law firm.

Realtime or Stenography Reporting?
Stenographic court reporting has come a long way over the years as far as the process and technology used to transcribe court proceedings.

professional court reporter woman

Court Reporting & Stenography
If you are interested in a career change to a court reporter stenographer our website offers a variety of content to help you on your way.

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Real Time Reporting
Over the past several decades, the practice of court reporting has evolved from taking down testimony with a pencil and a steno pad to use of a stenotype machine.

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Everything You Would Like to Know about Court Reporting Jobs
According to the US Department of Labor, the demand for court reporting jobs is on the rise making the outlook good for those with court reporting certificates.

webcasting stenography

Webcasting refers to the process of transcribing depositions, financial earnings reports, etc. and instantly transmitting them to everyone involved via a computer.

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Judicial Court Reporting
Almost everyone knows what the court reporter is doing—transcribing the court proceedings—but not everyone knows just how a court reporter does that job.


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