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There are several career options one can choose in the field of court reporting but how does someone get started training to be a stenographer?  The following articles explain what is required to start a career as a court reporter and what jobs someone can expect to find in this industry.


A court reporter education may be required to practice in your state Court Reporter Education Requirements
What type of education or training do you need to become a court reporter?  This article explains the different types of court reporting careers and any required training to go along with it.
What some things to consider when starting a career in court reporting? Starting a Career in Court Reporting
There are a few factors a prospective court reporting student must consider when starting their career.  Certifications needed (if any) and what type of court reporter are just a couple of things someone new to the industry might research.
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First Steps to Success in a Court Reporting Career
The most important step in beginning a successful court reporting career is that you attend a reputable and effective court reporting school.

Stenography is a form of shorthand Stenography Explained
If you are using shortcuts or symbols to record speech, you're probably a stenographer.  Stenography can be done using a type of shorthand or by using technology, such as a stenotype machine.
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How to Become a Court Reporter
In recent years, court reporting jobs have become increasingly popular, and many people have considered pursuing this option as a career.

court reporting is an excellent career with great earning potential

Court Reporting Career Options
Undergoing court reporting training and becoming certified allows access to a variety of career options.

court reporting can provide you with a flexible career with a great salary

Court Reporter Salary
Even if you have a passion for a certain type of work, it is important to make sure that it pays enough for you.

court reporting jobs can take place in many environments

Court Reporter Career
Generally, a court reporter is a person who creates a verbatim written record of proceedings in a legal setting, such as a trial in a courtroom or a deposition in a lawyer’s office.

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What is the Court Reporting Career Like?
Court reporting careers offer a full range of job opportunities that are rewarding both professionally as well as through income.

court reporting is a rewarding career

What are the Requirements to be a Court Reporter?
The NCRA has some requirements that you must meet to become certified, one being the passing of a stenography speed test.

What is a stenographer career? Stenographer Career
A court stenographer can be a rewarding career in the law industry. The skills necessary for a court reporter or stenographer to perform efficiently include a comprehensive education.
What does a court reporter or stenographer do? What is Court Reporting?
This article covers the basics of a career as a court reporter.  Also covered is the different types of stenography jobs there are available from closed captioning to web casting.


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