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When considering a career in court reporting, one issue many people have questions about is how to help pay for the proper training.  As with many other educational fields, scholarships specifically designated for court reporting related programs are available.  

The National Court Reporters Foundation awards thousands of dollars annually through its scholarships program.  Two such scholarships are the Frank Sarli Memorial Scholarship and the New Professional Reporter Grant.  These scholarships are awarded to students nominated by their program instructors or administrators and are based on certain qualifications and financial need.

Many state court reporting associations sponsor scholarships for court reporting students.  When beginning a search for scholarship information, your state court reporting association is a great place to start.  For example, the Ohio Court Reporters Association awards the Rosalie Stevens Student Scholarship to student members who display academic excellence and a passion for the field of court reporting.  Detailed contact information for state associations, as well as some associations from around the world, can be found at

Scholarships from associations related to the legal field, as well as state-specific awards, are also available.  The Colorado Association of Legal Support Staff sponsors the Gwendolyn S. Duran Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to a student pursuing an education in a law related field.  The Career Colleges and Schools of Texas (CCST) administers a program which awards scholarships to students electing to attend a participating career college in Texas.  

Many court reporting programs are offered through community colleges.  As a result, many scholarships are available directly from the educational institutions themselves.  The Kay Frazier Court Reporting Scholarship is awarded by Clark State Community College in Ohio to students enrolling in courses of study in judicial court reporting and broadcast captioning.  Gadsden State Community College in Alabama awards the Mary F. Lambert Scholarship to students majoring in realtime court reporting.  At Alvin Community College in Texas, returning students are eligible for the Karen Downey Court Reporting Scholarship.

Beginning a career in court reporting should never be hindered by a student’s financial condition.  Funds are available for students who are willing to do a little research.  In addition to the sources discussed previously, much more information about scholarships is also available at and  These and many other funding options are available to students who wish to begin an exciting career in court reporting.


Once you figure out how to fund your education visit How to Become a Court Reporter for additional information rearding the stenography and closed captioning careers.

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