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One of the best places to work as a court reporter is right from your own home.  Advances in technology that have allowed transcription, or stenography, to be performed using realtime methods inside the courtroom have opened up many employment options for a court reporter outside the courtroom.  As indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, the job outlook for court reporting is excellent.

Though court reporting jobs involving hearing and deposition transcription are most prevalent in densely-populated areas, many jobs requiring court reporting skills are available to be done from remote locations.  Because of the integration of closed-captioning by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) into television broadcasts and other video formats, jobs for closed-captioners have opened up across the nation.  With the distribution of television and video content consistently increasing, it is easy to understand how there can be a demand for skilled court reporters employed as closed-captioners.

In addition to closed-captioning, court reporters can find a multitude of other employment settings outside the courtroom.  Freelance court reporters travel to law firms to take depositions and sworn statements for attorneys and insurance claims investigators.  Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) reporters provide services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  These reporters may work on location in settings such as a classroom or church, or they may work remotely from home or an office.

Whether you choose to be a stenotypist, voice reporter, or CART provider, employment opportunities abound for people with court reporting skills.  State court reporter associations are good places to start when beginning a search for work as a court reporter.  Some state associations maintain job boards on their websites, and some will even send out an e-mail to the members when a new job becomes available.  Also visit Directory of Court Reporter Schools Online and on Campus for a list of stenography schools.  Court reporter associations also provide other important information, such as tips about entering the field of court reporting. 

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