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Court reporting careers offer a full range of job opportunities that are rewarding both professionally as well as financially. Comparatively speaking, many higher income jobs require more educational training and certification. There are also many different career options available to people with stenography skills. The school you choose can help direct you in the types of certifications required for your specific chosen discipline.   Most people think of a stenographer as the person taking down what is being said in a courtroom.  However, that is just one of many careers available after all of the requirements to obtaining your certification have been met.  Though many of these careers do involve transcribing legal proceedings, there are many employment opportunities that exist in traditional business settings, such as transcription of board meetings and agency hearings, as well as broadcast captioning and closed captioning for television.

Although the setting for people with court reporting skills may differ, the aspects of the job are basically the same. The primary purpose is to produce a verbatim record of the words spoken during the proceeding for which he or she is hired to transcribe.

Generally in a court reporting career, a stenotype machine in conjunction with specialized computer software is used to perform the required duties.  In addition to the stenography machine, other methods such as voice writing are used.  Voice writing involves using specialized equipment and software in which words are actually spoken instead of typed. 

According to the latest information from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, a court reporter can expect a very respectable salary.  The median annual wage reported as of May 2012 is $53,710, with people in the 90th percentile averaging $92,400.  Depending on the level of skill, certification, and actual position, some can earn in excess of $100,000 a year.
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