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If you are interested in becoming a court stenographer, it is important that you understand the requirements for the locations where you would like to work.  Regulations often vary from state to state so it is critical that you research the requirements for your area.  This will help to ensure you receive the education and training you need to begin to prepare for a career in court reporting.

The difference between a stenographer who uses a stenotype machine and one who is a voice reporter is the technique each of them use to report.  Voice reporting requires a voice recorder, a stenomask, and speech-recognition software.  At the present time, some states do not allow the voice reporting technique.  With developing technology, however, voice reporting is quickly becoming more recognized as an accepted method of stenography.  Stenographers using a stenotype machine create stenographic notes through a technique that requires high keystroke speed.  Consisting of a very unique keyboard, notes are made on the stenotype machine by stroking combinations of 22 keys and a long number bar.  

Whether you are considering training to learn to use a stenotype machine or a stenomask to become a stenographer, there are many career options available for someone with these skills.  Selecting the right court reporting program for your particular situation is a very crucial step in becoming a court reporter.  Think about the type of program that would best fit your lifestyle and then search through our school listings by state shown below to begin your search: 


Gadsden State Community College
Prince Institute - Southeast
Birmingham College of Court Reporting

GateWay Community College

Arkansas School of Court Reporting


Bryan College (Los Angeles)
Bryan College (Sacramento)
Cerritos College
Charles A. Jones Career & Education Center
College of Marin (Indian Valley Campus)
Cypress College
Downey Adult School / Court Reporting Program
Golden State College of Court Reporting and Captioning
Humphreys College
Sage College (Moreno Valley)
Sage College (San Diego)
Sierra Valley College of Court Reporting
South Coast College
Taft College - Court Reporting at WESTEC Campus
Tri-Community Adult Education - Griswold Center CSR Program
West Valley College

Prince Institute - Rocky Mountain Campus

Atlantic Technical Center
Key College
Miami Dade College
Sheridan Technical Center
Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville
Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville at Orlando

Brown College of Court Reporting & Medical Transcription

MacCormac College
Midstate College
Prince Institute - Great Lakes
South Suburban College
Sparks College

College of Court Reporting


AIB College of Business

Butler Community College
Court Reporting Institute of Kansas City


Baton Rouge School of Court Reporting, LLC
Court Reporting Institute of Louisiana
Crosby Court Reporting Centre
Legally Speaking, LLC
Professional Institute of Court Reporting


Maryland Community College Systems’ Court Reporter Training Program

Academy of Court Reporting
Macomb Community College
Oakland Community College


Anoka Technical College

Hinds Community College

St. Louis Community College - Meramec
South Technical High School


Everest College - Henderson Campus

New Jersey

StenoTech Career Institute

New Mexico
Central New Mexico Community College

New York
Alfred State College – SUNY College of Technology
Business Informatics Center
Long Island Business Institute - Long Island Campus
Long Island Business Institute - Queens Campus
New York Career Institute
New York School of Court Reporting and Career Institute
Realtime Center for Learning, Inc.
Stenographic Institute School of Court Reporting

Academy of Court Reporting & Technology
Clark State Community College
Cuyahoga Community College - Western Campus
Miami-Jacobs Career College - Columbus Campus
Miama-Jacobs Career College - Sharonville Campus
Stark State College of Technology
Stautzenberger College - Brecksville Campus
Stautzenberger College - Maumee Campus

Oklahoma College of Court Reporting

Sumner College

Community College of Allegheny County
Harrisburg Area Community College
Luzerne County Community College
Orleans Technical Institute

Rhode Island
Allied School of Court Reporting

South Carolina
Midlands Technical College

South Dakota
Colorado Technical University - Sioux Falls


Southwest Tennessee Community College


Alvin Community College
Arlington Career Institute
Court Reporting Institute of Dallas
Del Mar College
El Paso Community College
International Business College
Iverson Business School and Court Reporting
Kussad Institute of Court Reporting
National Court Reporting Institute
San Antonio College


Green River Community College

West Virginia
Huntington Junior College

Lakeshore Technical College
Madison Area Technical College

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