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Few people are familiar with court reporting schools and the type of training they offer.  Though it is not a popular career choice, a job in court reporting provides for very good earning opportunities.  Most people have never considered undergoing training to be a court reporter.  Thus, there is a limited number of court reporting schools when compared to other types of career training programs.

What kind of training is available at court reporting schools?  One aspect of the training involves how to handle proceedings happening in a courtroom.  It is the duty of the court reporter to accurately record everything that is said by the participants in a trial or hearing.  The transcript produced by the court reporter may be used by the attorneys to possibly verify certain testimony taken during a proceeding or to assist in filing an appeal with a higher court.  The court reporter plays a very important role in the judicial process, and the highest level of accuracy is required.  Court reporting schools train students in various reporting techniques to help assure the production of the most accurate record possible.  Students are primarily trained in the use of stenography machines or voice writing equipment.  Other courses that are part of a training program include legal terminology, medical terminology, and an introduction to law.  Advancements in education-related technology have allowed many court reporting schools to offer online training.
Some training programs offer intensive short-term online courses in court reporting, while other schools offer four-year programs which can be completed to earn a bachelor’s degree.  One of the initial courses offered in a court reporting training program is generally referred to as “shorthand theory.”  This course introduces the methods which allow a student to attain writing speeds of 225 words per minute and higher.  Participating in the first shorthand theory course is an effective way to gauge future success in a court reporting program.  Clearing that first hurdle can help you decide if a court reporting career is right for you.  
In addition to training in shorthand theory, court reporting programs also offer courses in how to properly handle evidence and exhibits which are submitted during legal proceedings.  Whether in a courtroom or a lawyer’s office, the documents and photographs presented as evidence in a case must be securely maintained and preserved by the court reporter, until such time as the transcript is produced and filed with the court.  This is another example of the essential duties of the court reporter.

Court reporting training programs also introduce students to the latest technological developments in the field.  Many courtrooms now incorporate what is referred to as “realtime” court reporting, whereby the keystrokes made by the court reporter are instantly translated into readable text on monitors or laptop computers which can be observed by the participants in a legal proceeding.  Along with the technique of using a stenotype machine, another method of court reporting is voice writing.  Voice-to-text translation is accomplished by the court reporter repeating what is said during the proceeding.  This is done by the court reporter speaking quietly into a recording mask which is connected to a computer with voice-to-text translation capabilities.  Like a stenographic court reporter, a voice writer is also required to record nonverbal parts of a proceeding, such as the entering of exhibits, gestures, and various types of reactions by the participants.  Advances in technology have enhanced the capabilities of a court reporter to produce transcripts far more quickly than was even possible less than 20 years ago.
As newer techniques and reporting concepts become available, it is to your advantage to be trained through an effective and comprehensive court reporting school.  An extensive list of some of the finest court reporting schools in the country is located here on our site to assist you with your research in finding the best training program for you.

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