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Court reporters have very responsible roles in the courtroom, as well as other settings requiring a verbatim record.  It is the sworn duty of a court reporter to accurately transcribe every word that is spoken during a legal proceeding, so that a transcript of exactly what occurred regarding a case can be produced.  Because a person’s very freedom can rely on the accuracy of a transcript, it is vital for a court reporter to receive proper training.  

Most states now have requirements that must be met before a person is licensed to practice court reporting.  Some states issue the designation of “certified court reporter,” or CCR.  Other states issue the designation of “certified shorthand reporter,” or CSR.  These designations are available to court reporters who have received court reporter training and have successfully passed a state examination or who have proven court reporting experience.  There are a number of institutions offering court reporting training courses.  Generally, a court reporting training program can be completed within two years, though some schools offer accelerated online programs.  These programs prepare students to obtain the necessary certification required to begin the practice of court reporting.
There are many benefits to enrolling in an online court reporting school program.  One of the most obvious benefits of an online program is that the courses can be completed from the comfort of your home.  This allows for participation in the program of your choice from literally anywhere in the world.  It is no longer necessary for a student to move to a different city or state to be closer to a physical campus in order to complete a court reporting program.  Online court reporting programs eliminate the expenses associated with relocation and commuting.  Not only can an online court reporting program save you a lot of money, but it can also save you a lot of valuable time.
Another benefit of online court reporter training is that it allows a student to continue working in a current job while preparing for a better job.  Unlike court reporter training courses offered on a physical campus, online courses can be completed at times that are suitable for the student.  Many people need to continue making a living while attending court reporting school.  Taking courses on a physical campus around a set schedule generally limits a student’s employment options to part-time jobs.  With an online court reporter training program, a student can maintain financial stability by keeping a full-time job.  Students enrolled in an online court reporter training program enjoy flexibility and freedom, while using spare time to become more productive.  Also read Online Court Reporting Colleges for further information about attending stenography schools and classes online.
After completing court reporter training and obtaining certification, many job opportunities become available.  You can work as an official court reporter in a courtroom, or you may choose to work as a freelance court reporter taking deposition testimony for attorneys.  Court reporting skills are also necessary for closed-captioning jobs and transcription of webcasts.  An online court reporter training program can certainly improve your lifestyle through the resulting additional income to your family’s budget.  Our convenient online directory can help in your research to find the online court reporting school that is best for you.

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