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As the global economy continues to fluctuate, many people are searching for alternative ways of earning money.  A career in court reporting is one option that can offer a good income with a relatively short training period.  To become a court reporter, you must first receive the training necessary to obtain certification.  There are a number of court reporting schools offering court reporter training, both online and on a physical campus.  As the job opportunities for people with court reporting skills continue to grow, many schools are implementing court reporter training programs into their curriculum.  With so many programs to choose from, the process of selecting the school that best fits your needs can be somewhat intimidating.
There are several factors that you need to consider before selecting a court reporting school.  Though it is possible to become a court reporter without receiving training through a program that is certified by the National Court Reporters Association, this is not recommended.  Some states require graduation from an NCRA-certified program before temporary certification is granted.  During the temporary certification time period, the court reporter candidate must successfully pass a state examination prior to being granted full certification.  According to the NCRA, there are presently 22 states which accept or use the Registered Professional Reporter, or RPR, examination as an alternative to the state certification or licensing examination requirements.  Because more states are moving toward passing legislation regarding court reporting requirements, it is to your benefit to complete a court reporter training program that is certified by the NCRA.  
Another reason to choose an NCRA-certified program is because all of these programs are accredited through agencies which are recognized by the United States Department of Education.  This is important should you ever decide to transfer your earned credits to another educational institution.  Though most NCRA-certified programs offer similar courses, there are some variations, depending on the focus of the program.  There should be an emphasis on realtime court reporting, also known as “conflict-free” theory.  The program you choose should also prepare you for working with the latest technological developments in the court reporting field.  As with any important decision, carefully consider the return for the time and money you will invest in a court reporter training program.  Thorough research will help you make a wise decision.
Because of the potential lucrative income that is available to people with court reporting skills, the competition level is rising.  To be recognized in the field of court reporting, proper training is imperative.  There are many qualified court reporting schools offering guidance to help you begin training as a court reporter.  Our extensive database resource can help you in your research on finding the best court reporting schools  to train you with the necessary skills to become a successful court reporter.

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