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Though most people think about court reporting as something that only happens in a courtroom, there are actually many jobs requiring court reporting skills outside of the courtroom.  After receiving court reporter training, employment opportunities are available in a variety of settings, including your own home.  The work-at-home career options for people who have completed court reporting training are especially beneficial to homemakers and stay-at-home parents.
Court reporting work-at-home job opportunities have many advantages.  After completing training courses through an online or campus court reporting school, certification demonstrating a certain level of court reporting skill can be obtained.  These skills can then be used to acquire work-at-home court reporting jobs, such as closed-captioning services and transcription.  Many of these types of jobs offer a very high level of flexibility with regard to a work schedule.  Daily assignments can be completed during the hours that best fit your needs, allowing you to be in control of your job.  Working from home also allows you to increase or decrease the number of hours you spend working.  You have the power to develop a work schedule that best fits your family situation or financial circumstances.
Another benefit of using court reporting skills to work from the comfort of your home is the time and money you can save avoiding the commute to an office.  Working from home saves you money on gasoline, lunch, and other expenses associated with working away from home.  It also eliminates the stressful environment that many people encounter in the workplace when having to deal with difficult personalities.  Being trained as a court reporter and performing those services from home allows you to be your own boss and enjoy the work you do.  Having the ability to control what assignments you prefer to take can have a positive psychological effect, and, thus, result in increased productivity.  Increased productivity equals more financial reward.
According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for court reporting job opportunities is excellent.  The need for people with court reporting skills is moving beyond the legal work environment and is increasing significantly in the fields of captioning and webcasting.  Many of these types of services can be performed primarily from a home office.  Proper training can be attained through campus court reporting schools or online.  If you consider online court reporting schools, you will find many of the same benefits available that come with working from home.  You can receive the necessary training to achieve certification without the expense of commuting or the inconvenience of arranging your schedule around specific class times.  
Check out our reviews of some of the top court reporting schools in the nation.  To assist with your research, we have listed information for many top institutions.  Finding the court reporting school that fits your needs is the first step in the process to becoming a successful court reporter.  Enroll in the best court reporting school for you and prepare yourself to start making money at home.


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