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Choosing the right career option can be quite confusing.  Though some of us know from childhood what we want to be when we grow up, others may engage in multiple careers over their lifetime.  Most people are interested in choosing a profession in which they can earn a good income, but also one that does not have excessive competition.  Court reporting is certainly one of these unique career opportunities.  Because of the training and skills required to become a court reporter, this profession has developed into a specialized, high-paying job.  Undergoing training and becoming certified allows access to a variety of career options.  The first step towards a court reporting career begins with finding the right school for training, whether online or at a school campus.
The considerable income available from a court reporting career is not gender-specific.  Though most present-day reporters are women, some of the most talented ones ever are men.  In 2004, Mark Kislingbury of Houston, Texas, acquired the Guinness Book of World Records title for the fastest court reporter in the world after transcribing text at 360 words per minute with over 97 percent accuracy.  Seven times Mark has won the National Court Reporter Speed Contest administered by The National Court Reporters Association, and he currently holds the “speed crown.”  For both men and women, court reporting offers multiple work environment options.  The need for the skills is not limited only to the courtroom.  Trained stenographers can also find employment as deposition reporters and closed-captioners.
Though it is certainly not the only employment option available, working a regular job in a courtroom does have its advantages.  Referred to as an “official reporter,” this type of court reporter usually works with one judge and receives a regular salary and other benefits.  However, the majority of court reporters are referred to as “freelance court reporters” or “deposition reporters.”  This type of employment offers lots of flexibility, but the salary received is limited solely to actual work performed.  When working with a court reporting firm, a reporter may be required to cover such assignments as depositions, governmental agency meetings, and business conferences.  Other careers include working as a closed-captioner who performs valuable captioning services for the hearing impaired.
In general, with the exception of an official court reporter position, most court reporting employment is primarily done from home.  Though a deposition reporter must drive to the location of an assignment, the actual editing and production of the transcript is usually done in a home office.  It is very common for closed-captioners to work from remote locations via the Internet.  Because of the many options available to work from home, a career in court reporting is well suited for mothers or fathers taking care of children at home.  The flexibility that comes with a career in court reporting could even allow this type of work to be a secondary source of income.
Other areas of employment available to people trained through court reporting schools include medical transcription, data entry, and scoping.  Many employers appreciate the transcription and data entry speed that can performed by a stenographer.  Mastering the skills of machine shorthand provides a very real advantage over the skills of a regular typist.  Scopists are trained to work with the same types of software that are used by court reporters.  The job of a scopist involves editing and proofreading the transcripts generated by court reporters.  Though not all scopists actually read machine shorthand, the ones who can are the most sought after by court reporters.  After receiving training through a court reporting program, you may never actually sit in a courtroom to take down a trial.  Court reporting training can be used for a number of career options, and with it comes great flexibility and diversity when choosing a career path.  Also read Finding the Best Court Reporting School for further information regarding the court stenographer career.
It is important to choose the right school to receive the training necessary to obtain certification.  Whether it is an online or regular campus training program, receiving the proper training can open the door to a variety of career options available in this field.  We are here to help you make the right decision when choosing the best court reporting school for you.

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