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Our library of articles contains over 50 different articles covering a wide range of topics to help you get the information you need to become a court reporter or stenographer. Our library is organized by category with each of these listed below along with a sampling of article titles that are contained in the category. To read the individual articles, click into a category page and find a topic you are interested in. Each category contains a complete listing of all the articles and information to help you get started on a path towards a career in court reporting and/or stenography.


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Court Reporting & Other Stenography Jobs

A stenographer enjoys the flexibility to choose from a variety of career options that suits their interests best. They provide a valuable service that is critical to properly communicate in a number of environments from the court room to the board room. 




Starting Your Career in Court Reporting/Stenography

Interested in starting a career in court reporting or stenography?Getting started on your path towards a stenography careeer begins by researching the various types of stenography jobs, stenography certifications, and the job market. Next is choosing the right school and getting the proper training you need to succeed.




Stenography Courses, Degrees, & Certifications

There are many different types of court reporting and stenographer degrees and certificatesGetting quality training and education is key to your success as a stenographer. Researching and contacting various schools to find the right one for you will ensure you get the right education. Certifications also play a large role in the type of job you can get and the amount of money you can earn.




Court Reporter Training and Stenography Schools

Choosing the right school to recieve your stenography training is essential to getting a good start on your path towards a career. These articles offer tips and suggestions to help you choos the right institution.  Most schools provide job placement assistance after you recieve the proper certifications and graduate.




The Strenographer's Working Environment and Technology

The equipment used in to accurately capture spoken words and record them into a written record is extremely important to the craft. There are various types of machines used to assist the stenographer in a variety of different settings that they may work in. 




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