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In the state of Oregon, the Certified Shorthand Reporters Program (CSR) is administered under the Executive Services Division of the Office of the State Court Administrator of the Oregon Judicial Department.  At the present time, Oregon certification is voluntary, though it is required for employment in a state court.  Though not directly affiliated with the Oregon Judicial Department, the Oregon Court Reporters Association (OCRA) does assist in the administering of the Oregon CSR and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) certification examinations.  The OCRA is also actively involved in legislative efforts to make obtaining CSR certification mandatory for all Oregon court reporters.  Though certification is voluntary, it should certainly be a goal for any court reporting student.

Physical campuses offering court reporter training are limited in Oregon, but the opportunities available for a quality education are not.  If commuting to Portland is not an option for you, many reputable educational institutions now offer court reporter training which can be completed online from your home.

Becoming a Court Reporter in Oregon

Because there is presently no certification requirement to begin practicing as a court reporter in Oregon, a graduate can begin seeking employment as a freelance court reporter immediately after completing training.  Until becoming certified, however, it is unlawful for a court reporter to use the designation “certified shorthand reporter” or the abbreviation “CSR” in relation to his or her practice.  

To become certified as an Oregon CSR, successful completion of the Oregon exam or the National Court Reporters Association’s Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) exam is required.  The Oregon exam does not include a written knowledge test.  Upon successful completion of one of the certifying exams, an applicant for certification must also meet the following minimum requirements: Possess a high school diploma or its equivalent; submit a completed application on a current form provided by the Office of the State Court Administrator; pay the appropriate application fee; not be serving a period of revocation or refusal for certification; and not be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime in Oregon, or the statutory equivalent in another jurisdiction, that is substantially related to a shorthand reporter’s qualifications, functions, or duties.

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following information about the occupation of court reporting in the state of Oregon.  Keep in mind, however, that these estimates do not include self-employed workers, which make up a significant portion of court reporters working in the state of Oregon.

Employment: 140
Hourly Mean Wage:  $39.40
Annual Mean Wage:  $81,950


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