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As indicated by the Court Reporter Rules in New Mexico, “No person shall engage in court reporting services in this state unless such person is licensed as a New Mexico certified court reporter issued either by the New Mexico Supreme Court or by the Board Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings.”  The New Mexico Court Reporters Association (NMCRA) complements the Board by providing continuing education options and networking opportunities to its membership.  The NMCRA also helps court reporters stay current on issues affecting the court reporting profession.

Court reporter training on a physical campus is available at Central New Mexico Community College in Albuquerque.  This training program is approved by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).  Though campus programs are limited in New Mexico, a quality education is not.  If commuting is not possible for you, many reputable educational institutions across the country now offer court reporter training programs completely online.

Becoming a Court Reporter in New Mexico

The passing of a certification examination is required to become a court reporter in New Mexico.  The Board accepts the NCRA Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) examination to test stenographic skills and written knowledge for certification.  Other examinations administered by organizations approved by the Board may be used for real-time voice-to-print reporting examinations.  Certified court reporters have the authority to administer oaths to witnesses in judicial proceedings, so it is not necessary for a court reporter to have a separate notary public commission.

In addition to passing the RPR exam, a court reporter must also meet the following requirements: (1) be of good moral character; (2) possess a certificate or diploma evidencing graduation from high school; (3) if the applicant is a court reporter, the applicant must demonstrate reasonable proficiency in making verbatim records of judicial or related proceedings by means of pen or machine shorthand or real time voice-to-print technology, and the reporter shall be certified for the method by which the reporter was tested; (4) be in compliance with the Rules Governing the Recording of Judicial Proceedings and any rules and regulations adopted by the Supreme Court; and (5) be in compliance with all support obligations as provided in the Parental Responsibility Act, Sections 40-5A-1 through 40-5A-13 NMSA 1978; and (6) pay the appropriate annual certification fee.

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following information about the occupation of court reporting in New Mexico.  Keep in mind, however, that these estimates do not include self-employed workers, which make up a significant portion of court reporters working in the state of New Mexico.

Employment:  60
Hourly Mean Wage:  $16.69
Annual Mean Wage:  $34,710



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Court Reporting Schools in New Mexico:

Central New Mexico Community College
Mission Statement: To create educational opportunities and community partnerships while pursuing a level of community college excellence that is worthy of local and national recognition.
Address: 525 Buena Vista SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
Phone: 505-224-3000
Type of School: Public
Programs Offered: Certificate of Completion in Stenotranscription; Certificate of Achievement in Court Reporting
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 38 to 1
Accrediting Agency: Higher Learning Commission (HLC); Certified by the National Court Reporters Association Council on Approved Student Education (NCRA/CASE)
Online Courses Offered: No

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