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Court reporters in Delaware as of January 31, 2002, were required to be certified by the Board on Certified Court Reporters per Delaware Supreme Court Administrative Directive No. 132.  However, this order was challenged by Esquire Deposition Services, and on May 12, 2009, the Delaware Supreme Court rescinded the order which had established the Delaware Certified Shorthand Reporter.  At this time, Administrative Directive No. 132 is under advisement by the Supreme Court.  Due to the rescinding of the directive, there is presently no requirement for certification to practice court reporting in Delaware.  However, the Delaware Court Reporters Association (DCRA) is heavily involved in promoting certification requirements for court reporters.  The DCRA offers its members many benefits, including providing current information regarding issues involving the court reporting profession in Delaware.

Though physical campuses offering court reporter training are presently unavailable in Delaware, students have many options for receiving training online.  Reputable educational institutions across the country offer quality court reporter training which prepares students to meet the requirements when necessary for certification.

Becoming a Court Reporter in Delaware

Because there is presently no certification requirement for practicing court reporting in Delaware, once a graduate has completed training, he or she can immediately begin to seek employment.  Prior to the rescinding of the administrative directive, the requirement for certification in Delaware was that court reporters receive and maintain a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification through the National Court Reporters Association.  If Administrative Directive No. 132 is eventually reinstated, it is likely this will again be the requirement to practice court reporting in Delaware.

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following information about the occupation of court reporting in Delaware.  Keep in mind, however, that these estimates do not include self-employed workers, which make up a significant portion of court reporters working in the state of Delaware.

Employment: 70
Hourly Mean Wage:  $25.51
Annual Mean Wage:  $53,050


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Presently there are no court reporter training programs being offered at educational institutions in Delaware.

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