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 Learn more about a rewareding court reporting career!Court reporting is one of the most unique and rewarding careers available in the job market today. When comparing the potential income to the relatively minimal amount of training time that is required, it becomes a highly desirable field to consider. However, not everyone can be, or should be, a stenographer. It is a skill that requires extreme dedication to succeed. If you have the personal drive to become a court reporter, we can help you take that first step.

Choosing a Court Reporting School or Training Program
Proper education and training is an absolute necessity for becoming a good court reporter. Our extensive list of schools throughout the United States allows the potential student to compare a variety of training providers. Research NCRA-approved and regionally accredited programs offered at educational institutions in traditional campus environments or through home-based distance learning. Students can easily find information on the certificate and degree programs available in your area from some of the top court reporting and stenographer schools in the country by using our find schools and requirements by state page or by checking out the various featured online schools located throughout our website.

Types of Jobs Available
Many people do not realize that less than one third of court reporters actually work in a courtroom. These individuals are called “official court reporters,” and they generally work in the same courtroom on a daily basis. The majority of reporters are referred to as “freelance court reporters,” and they work with different attorneys or agencies every day. And there are also digital court reporters, which primarily set up and maintain the necessary equipment to create an accurate record of a proceeding.

Judicial court reporting is not the only field that requires these versatile skills. Stenographers can transition into different and higher-paying positions, such as providing real-time reporting for webcasts and broadcast captioning or Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) services for the deaf and hard of hearing. With such a variety of options, employment opportunities for people with court reporter training and skills are almost always available.

For a student to be successful in performing stenography through machine shorthand or a stenomask, proper training is also necessary. Students are typically taught the principles and the applicable theory of stenography, as well as additional subject matter such as court reporting software applications, business law, and legal and medical terminology. 


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What does a stenographer during their career?

Stenography Explained
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Our state pages also include specific details on the various certification requirements and regulations for each state, useful links to local associations and boards, as well as general salary information broken down by location. You can also get additional contact details like phone numbers and addresses on our court reporter school directory page.

In order help you make the most informed decision you can about which program is best for you, we also make it extremely easy to get in touch with the school you are interested in by simply visiting their site or requesting more information directly from them using the no obligation forms on this site.

If you are looking for salary information and additional details on this exciting field be sure to check out our Article Library or use the left or right hand column navigation.

Whether you choose to earn a degree or diploma, or attend a training program at a campus or online, court reporting provides a wide variety of career options that few professions can match. When dedicating your time and money to your education, choose the path that gives you the most benefit. A career in court reporting offers flexibility, great income potential and above-average job growth, all of which can be a winning combination when investing in your future!

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